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Hello! We are Itosu-kai Switzerland Branch.

Hello, Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Itosu-kai Switzerland Branch. We are proud to be a member of the Itosu Family and we have also recently joined with IKIF (2017).

I have practiced the art of Itosu-ryu for more than fifteen years under the guidance of Shihan R.J.Alexander, Chief Instructor Sri Lanka Branch. I was also appointed as a chief Instructor for North and East provinces of Sri Lanka.

In 2008 I migrated to Switzerland and I found it very difficult to learn a new language (German) and to adopt a new culture and society.

However I managed to succeed. I also completed my higher studies in Social Department North west Switzerland Campus. Thereafter I decided to start my karate training along with some of my friends. Here in Switzerland there are many Japanese styles and dojos. With the support of the Switzerland Tamil culture Organization, I started a dojo with five students in Zürich. Slowly I expanded my dojos in other Kantons too, but I love to continue the Art of Itosu-ryu. With the advice and guidance from R.J. Alexander, I trained my students and developed myself further in this field.

In recognition of our progress, he contacted our Soke Sadaki Sakagami. As per Soke's request, Shihan R.J.Alexander visited Switzerland last year (2016). We officially joined as a branch of IKIF and JKI after he trained us and gave our progress report to Soke Sadaki Sakagami. Which let us to participate in the Itosu-ryu Karatedo International championships of 2017 in Shanghai, China.

We would like to convey our gratitude to the Soke Sadaki Sakagami, Shihan R.J.Alexander and all our Itosu Family. Today our dojos in four kantons, which are in Bern, Zurich, Luzern and Schaffhausen, have more then 100 students and 25 black belt holders.

Chief Instructor of Itosu-kai Switzerland

Gowridhasan Vibulananthan

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