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Ireland Itosu-kai – 2019 Roundup

Dear IKIF members

Please enjoy a brief overview of some events of Itosu-kai Karatedo Ireland members in 2019.

Presentation of Black Belt certificates and belts from Soke Sadaaki Sakagami, Yokohama, Japan for IKKI black belt grading in December 2018 at the 2019 Nationals

Karen Dolphin wins silver in Female Senior Kata competing in the Swiss League in 2019.

The 2019 Cadet, Junior & Under 21 European Championships in Aalborg, Denmark Marie Dolphin, Eimear Porter, Sarah & Shane O Quigley & John Dolphin

·Eimear Porter also competes in the World Cadet, Junior & U/21 World Championships in Santiago, Chile (October 2019).

Kyu Belt Ranking – Loughrea Dojo

Successful students after their kyu belt grading test.

ONAKAI Irish National Karate Championships 2019

Itosu-kai Ireland compete in the ONAKAI Irish National Karate Championships, April 2019.

Great performance by karateka and coaches on the day

Itosu-kai Ireland Spring National Karate Championships, April 2019.

Some of the junior kumite competitors at the IKKI National Championships 2019

Visiting Schools to demonstrate Itosu-Ryu Karate

IKKI are requested to demonstrate karate at some local primary school open days.

Swedish Itosu-kai black belt seminar in Stockholm with Soke

Itosu-kai Ireland Association in May 2019 attended the Swedish Itosu-kai black belt seminar in Stockholm with Soke Sadaaki Sakagami as instructor and guest of honour. It was a unique opportunity for everyone within Itosu-Kai to practice with the Chief Instructor and master of our style. As usual Sensei Ayumu Oda translating and demonstrating brilliantly. Congratulations to Sensei Goran Crawford and the Swedish organising team on an excellent European Black Belt Seminar.

Itosu-Kai Ireland compete in the ONAKAI Irish Open Karate Championships.

Itosu-Kai Ireland compete in the ONAKAI Irish Open Karate Championships.

Great performances in spite of a competitive field: April Curran Bronze in Kata, Una Flynn, Bronze in Kumite and Karen Dolphin, Gold in Kata & Bronze in Kumite

Pre-black belt grading session

May 2019, the first of three Pre-dan grading test sessions. These students eventually graded in December 2019 for their Shodan rank and upgrades. Back row Sensei’s: Kevin Casey, Leo Mulvany, Claire Harte & Tony Dolphin.

Aongus MacCana, 82 years of age grades to 5th Kyu

Aongus Mac Cana ranked to yellow belt in 2019 at 82 years young. He is a multi-talented man with many arrows in his quiver but karate was something he has wanted to try for a long time. Aongus trains with Sensei Claire Harte in the Galway IKKI dojo.

Crickey Nugent National Karate Memorial Championships 2019

Itosu-Kai Ireland compete in the Crickey Nugent Karate Memorial, November 2019.

A very successful performance from all competitors with a marvellous medal win.

Itosu-Kai – Josh Judge competes in the ONAKAI Irish National Junior Karate Championships 2019 taking bronze in kata and kumite.

Right, Leo Mulvany receives his WKF Certified Karate Coach qualification from Mr. Peter Coyle, (Madrid WKF’s, November 2018).

Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland, Winter National Championships, November 2019

Referees, judges, scorekeepers and tatami personnel assembly before the tournament begins

Competitors, Tatami and Tuck Shop personnel at the Winter 2019 IKKI Championships.

IKKI 2019 Black Belt Grading – December 2019

IKKI annual black belt grading, December 2019 (to be ratified by Soke Sadaaki Sakagami, Yokohama, Japan)

End of Year IKKI Christmas Party 2019 – Craic & Awards

End of year 2019 dojo awards are presented by the various clubs to those deserving students at the IKKI annual Christmas Party or in their respective dojos.

Fund Raising for IKIF Championships 2021 in Denmark

At the IKKI Christmas Party, two hampers were raffled off as part of our fund-raising campaign for the IKIF International in Denmark 2021.

Winners were Carmel Earls (seen here with Sensei Tony Dolphin) and Alyson Banks.

IKKI Squads 2020

Kata and kumite squads for 2020 kicked off in Loughrea dojo on Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

Leo Mulvany

IKKI (Itosu-kai Ireland) Chief Instructor

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