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USA Karate Academy of Washington USA is celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

Itosu-kai USA Karate Academy celebrates their 25th anniversary

Sensei Joni and her children when she opened a dojo

USA Karate Academy of Shoreline, Washington, just north of Seattle is celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

The dojo's founder, Joni Sharrah Shihan, 6th dan and member of Itosu-ryu Karate-do International Federation opened USA Karate Academy in the Greater Seattle area on March 23, 1994.

The karate school started in a racquetball court, at the Lake Ballinger Athletic Club with her sons, and 3 other founding members. When the student body grew to 30 students, the karate school re-located and eventually established a full time martial arts program in a building located in Firdale Village, Edmonds, Washington.

During that time, 1994-2000, the achievements of the dojo's students were quite impressive. Led by Shihan Joni Sharrah, the Chief Instructor, students of the small dojo earned many local, regional, national, and International awards.

In the year 2000, the karate school opened in its' current location, in Shoreline, Washington, a suburb north of Seattle.

Soke Sakagami with Sensei Joni and Sensei Alan

Now, Joni Sharrah-Shihan and her husband Alan Sharrah-Sensei, a 4th dan recognized in 2013 by Sadaaki Sakagami, Soke of Itosu-ryu Karate do International Federation, continue to own and operate their traditional martial arts academy.

Classes for men, women, and children ages 4 through 70, beginners, novice, intermediate, advanced continue to be a source of personal development and physical fitness through traditional karate-do. While the majority of the students attend for recreational purposes, and instruction in self-defense, there is renewed interest in the sporting aspects of karate.

IKIF dan degree certificates

To this day, karate-ka ages 6 years - 65, participate in local, regional, national, and international events. Joni Sharrah is the District Director of the Pacific Northwest Amateur Athletic Union Karate program. In this position, since 1995, Sensei Joni Sharrah, with the help of the members of USA Karate Academy students, and their families host the Pacific Northwest AAU Karate District Championships once a year.

Kumite match

Their friendship invitational event, the Pacific Northwest Karate-do Classic, conducted each year in early November, and the Pacific Northwest AAU Karate District Championships, provide an avenue for the students of USA Karate Academy, to develop in the sport of karate at the local and regional level.

8 students of USA Karate Academy are preparing to compete at the 2019 AAU Karate National Championships, this summer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sensei Abby Knapp
Our most outstanding advanced adult athlete, Sensei Abby Knapp, a student of USA Karate Academy for 15 years will be representing the USA in Slovakia, in the City of Bratislava, at the 8th WUKF WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, and 1st WUKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN KOBUDO, June 20 - 23, 2019. We're cheering for Sensei Abby Knapp, and wish her all the best as she accepts the quest to contend for a WUKF World Championship top finish.
The most recent tournament that the dojo members participated in was hosted by Karate BC, in Richmond, British Columbia at the Olympic Oval!

The USA Karate Academy traveling team came ready to play at the highly competitive Canada Open. June 1-2, 2019. Every single athlete gave it their all every time they stepped into the ring and we are very proud of their efforts. We received 7 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals..

USA Academy's members in Canadian Open

Individual Results

Abby Knapp, 18-34 year old Black Belt Female, 1st kobudo, 1st kumite, 2nd kata

Andrew Carbonetti, 18-34 year old Black Belt Male, Fought a close first match in his highly competitive kumite division. Great job!

Ian Prosser, 15 year old Advanced Male, 1st kobudo, 1st kata, 2nd kumite

Rita Carswell, 14 year old Advanced Female, 2nd kata, 2nd kumite

USA Karate Academy's members in Hayashi-ha Cup

Bruce Prosser, 12 year old Intermediate Male, 1st kata, 3rd kobudo

Mateo Diaz, 11 year old Novice Male, 2nd kobudo

Xenophon Buff, 9 year old Novice Male, 1st kobudo, 3rd kata

Cali Carbonetti, 12 year old Beginner Female, 1st kata, 3rd kumite

Lucy Carbonetti, 10 year old Beginner Female, 5th kata, 5th kumite. She was a flag off from the win in both of her bronze medal matches and we couldn’t be prouder!

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