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     Because of the worldwide pandemic, we decided to cancel “The 80th anniversary of Itosu-kai, the 53rd Itosu-kai Japan National Karatedo Championships” which was planned to be held at Yokohama Budo-kan in September 2020. Unfortunately, we also decided to postpone Itosu-ryu World Karatedo Championships in Denmark in August 2021. We assume the same has happened in your country -- i.e. local, national and international tournaments have been cancelled.
     So, to try and maintain some normality and keep international competition running, we would like to hold a “Virtual International Championships”. The purpose of this tournament is firstly, to raise our technical level, and secondly, is to communicate internationally with Itosu-kai members throughout the world via the internet.

      Also, in the past, many IKIF members could not participate in our international tournament for many reasons, principally travel and expense. This competition is via the internet so participation is relatively easy, more inclusive and avoids many of the barriers competitors may have experienced in the past.

      In terms of the judging the kata, “Shihan” licensed official instructors in Itosu-kai International headquarters will view the kata videos directly that you send to us. It is hoped that through participation, more orthodox Itosu-tyu techniques may be learned.


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