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“5th Virtual International Championships”.

Video Entry Dates: Feb 1- March 31, 2024

Judgement Dates: May 2024


We would like to hold a “5th Virtual International Championships”.

This tournament is a virtual international similar to previous virtual Itosu-kai tournaments held. We will edit and catalog all the videos and make a memorial video of “Itosu-ryu Karatedo Virtual International Tournament” and publish it on YouTube so all of our members in the world can watch and enjoy it.

The purpose of this tournament is firstly, to raise our technical level, and secondly, to communicate internationally with Itosu-kai members throughout the world via the internet.

Also, in the past, many IKIF members could not participate in our international tournament for many reasons, principally travel and expense. This competition is via the internet so participation is relatively easy, more inclusive and avoids many of the barriers competitors may have experienced in the past.

In terms of judging the kata, instructors in Itosu-kai International headquarters will view the kata videos directly that you send to us. It is hoped that through participation, more orthodox Itosu-ryu techniques may be learned.

This time, we would like to hold the tournament for all ages. Also, we would like to include a Team Kata division and a Free Pre-Arranged Kumite division similar to the previous tournament.


We will introduce more details. Click Below!

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