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A visit from Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Team Itosu-kai Denmark in Japan

Sensei Michael (center) and members of Itosu-kai Denmark Bosatsu dojo

Team Itosu-kai Denmark

From August 26th to September 3rd, five instructors from Bosatsu dojo in Valby, Copenhagen visited Japan to train. For some - Sensei Michael Andersen and Sensei Anders Uhrenfeldt - it was the latest in many visits to Japan, whereas others - Sempai Carsten Müller, Sempai Mikki Bohnhof and Sempai Asbjørn Poulsen - visited for the very first time.

On the very first day, with a tiny bit of jetlag, we trained with Kitaoka Sensei and Ai sensei, mere hours after landing at Narita airport. Focus was Tomari Wanshu.

Team Itosu-kai Denmark

The very next day, we attended training at Honbu dojo, getting a chance to watch the children train first, and working on kata ourselves afterwards. We worked mainly with Nipaipo.

Wednesday 29th we did some light kata training with Kitaoka Sensei, getting an introduction to Shisochin, and had fun taking pictures at the very nice venue he had booked for us.

Team Itosu-kai Denmark

Thursday the 30th we returned to Honbu dojo. First, we all got the chance to train kumite with the young students. Great (and loud) fun! And afterwards we worked on kata. Focus was on Shisochin and Tomari Wanshu.

Saturday 31st we went to train with Suzuki Sensei, and went through many kata, and also had time to do kumite drills with all of the lovely kids at the dojo.

September 1st we attended black belt training at Honbu dojo, and worked on several kata. Some of which (Rohai Sandan) were new to the group.

Apart from training, we had a great time going out to dinner, and socializing with our Japanese friends. We felt very welcome, and that made our stay extremely pleasant.

Team Itosu-kai Denmark

We also made the most of the time in Japan by visiting a series of sites (Tokyo Dome, Sky Tree Tower Demboin Temple in Asakusa and Soji-ji temple to name but a few), and we also had time for shopping and enjoying all of what Tokyo has to offer.

The Bosatsu dojo are grateful for the warm reception we received, and it is safe to say, that all of the instructors are looking forward to returning to Japan as soon as possible. Hopefully already next year, for the celebration of Itosu ryu’s 80th birthday.

With warm greetings!


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