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Karate and typhoon in Japan

Itosu-ryu Nipaipo
Itosu-ryu Nipaipo

The goal with the Swedish autumn trip (one week) to Japan was to visit the annual kobudo Kongo-Ryu seminar and to practice karate. The kobudo seminar was planned to be held Saturday 12th to Monday the 14th of October 2019, in Honbu Dojo, Yokohama Tsurumi. The other days, before and after the seminar, included a lot of karate practice.

Soke Sakagami and Swedish members
Soke Sakagami and Swedish members

During this trip we also experienced different weather. Mostly nice weather but the typhoon Hagibis (Philippine name), which was one of the strongest typhoons in 50 years, shut down most of Tokyo for almost 24 hours. But we were and felt very safe during the typhoon.

As always, the Itosu-Kai in Japan has the friendliness to arrange possibilities to train at different dojos in Tokyo. This time we visited the dojo in Mitaka (sensei Kitaoka) and Honbu dojo in Tsurumi.

The evening at Sensei Kitaoka dojo was intense. Besides kihon training we got the opportunity to deeply dig into different kata’s; Bassai Dai, Wankan and Nipaipo.

Itosu-kai Honbu
Itosu-kai Honbu

At Honbu dojo we participated in a kids and youth training. The kihon covered punches, blocks and kicks. Later the group was split into two groups practicing timing and distance aspects for different kumite techniques.

Many thanks for the hospitality and the time our training friends have given us. Training at Itosu-kai members in Japan helps us increase our level of knowledge and allows us to follow the Itosu-ryu way more correctly.

Regards // Per Gästgivar, Swedish branch

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