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Local Award for Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland

Itosu Kai Ireland award ceremony

Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland received a Ballinasloe People of the Year Awards 2017. The awards are biennial. Ballinasloe People of the Year Awards acknowledge outstanding people and organisations who, through their commitment to participating in community and voluntary activities, have had a positive and significant impact on the quality of life of their communities in Ballinasloe.

The awards night was held in the Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe, November 2017.

IKKI at the awards ceremony: L->R, Martin Ryan (Mountbellew dojo), John Dolphin (Eyrecoure dojo), Marie Dolphin (Kiltormer dojo), Tony Dolphin (Newinn dojo), Leo Mulvany (Ballinasloe dojo & Chief Instructor IKKI), Claire Harte (Galway dojo) and Olivia Blake (Proposer). Missing from photo (Kevin Casey, Loughrea dojo, Donal Monahan, Mountrath & Roscrea dojos).

The award categories included:

1.Arts, Culture and Heritage Award

2. Sports and Recreation Volunteer Award

3. Sports and Recreation Team Award

4. Sports and Recreation Individual Award

5. Young Person’s Award

6. Social, Community & Civic Special Recognition Award

7. Business Community Spirit Award

8. Hall of Fame Award (Lifetime Achievement Accolade)

The proposer for the award on behalf of the IKKI was Olivia Blake and seconded by David Keighery, both have sons in karate and the award submission was compiled by Leo Mulvany. The IKKI won the “Sports and Recreation Team Award” of which there were ten team applicants in that category. The IKKI award submission told the story of all the instructors managing dojos in Itosu-Kai Ireland. Especially important is the fact that all the dojos are managed by instructors who have been teaching karate for 35 to 40 years. The submission catalogued the long history of Itosu-kai karate in Ireland, it’s history with Canada and Japan and the commitment of all involved.

Follow the link below for more information and interview with Leo Mulvany and Tony Dolphin.

Chief Instructor

Ireland branch - Itosu-Ryu

Leo Mulvany, Itosu-kai Ireland

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