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Itosu-kai Switzerland affiliated with Swiss Karate Federation

Gowridhasan Vibulananthan (Itosu-kai Switzerland)

Japan Karate do Itosu-Kai, Switzerland branch was officially affiliated with Swiss Karate Federation in 2019.

We applied for the membership of Swiss Karate Federation in 2018. After a few of meetings and discussions with the federation officials in the beginning of this year, they gave us the offiical membership. Therefore Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai, Switzerland was recognized by Swiss Olympic Committee, European Karate Federation and World Karate federation. This is our first and very important achievement in this year.

We will keep our tradition but also we would like to promote Itosu-kai as a member of those sports karate federation.

Thank you very much.

The Chief Instructor of Itosu-kai Switzerland

Gowridhasan Vibulananthan

Itosu-kai Switzerland

Itosu-kai Swiss

Swiss Karate Federation

Swiss Karate Federation

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