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Introduction to "Nippon Budo-kan" (2020 Olympic Games' Venue)

Nippon Budokan

Karate will be a part of Olympic Games in 2020 Tokyo. The tournament is supposed to be held in Japan’s most prestigious martial arts stadium, "Nippon Budokan." We would like to introduce the venue this time.

Nippon Budokan is an indoor arena located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Budokan was originally built for the judo competition in the 1964 Summer Olympics, hence its name, which translates in English as “Martial Arts Hall.” Its primary purpose is to host martial arts contests and the national championships of the different branches of the martial arts (judo, kendo, karate, aikido, etc.) are held annually at the Budokan. So this is a holly place for all of martial artists in Japan.

National Championship of Karate-do is held here in every December, and it is the biggest event for Japanese karate-ka. In 2008, 19th WKF World Karatedo Championships were also held in Budokan. In August 2016 it was announced Karate would be in the 2020 Summer Olympics, and Budokan will be the venue. Budokan will host a dreaming match for all of karate-ka in the world.

Soke Sakagami and Shihan Kusuhara demonstrate in Nippon Budokan

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