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Kyu test was held in Philippines branch

Itosu-kai Philippines

After Kyu test in JKI (Itosu-kai) Philippines branch

Congratulations to all Philippine Itosu-ryu students!

Held last May 21, 2019 at JKI Philippines honbu dojo awarded by Mr. Rheinan B. Manzo (Philippines Director/Chief Instructor).

Kihon-kata-kumite exam Kyu evaluation start last month of April, performed by white belt up to brown belt level. Depend on rank to performed starts kihon, kihon kata 1-10, Gekisai-Ichi and Ni, pinan 1-5, and some selected advanced kata like Sienchin, Bassai-Dai. Kumite is also a mandatory to perform each after passing kihon-kata-bunkai evaluation.

Keep up the good work and job well done everybody!

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