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Karate Seminar in Malaysia 2019

The Seminar was held at Itosu-ryu Malaysia Headquarters

The training camp was held from March 15th till March 18th in Itosu-ryu Karatedo Malaysia Headquarters training center. This time, we invited Sensei Ayumu Oda from Japan.

During those four days, the seminar was divided into 3 sessions.

1. Bo training (Kobudo) for instructors

2. Yellow Belt (9kyu) to Brown Belt (1kyu) students

3. Black Belt Students: Kumite, Kata, Kobudo (Nunchaku)

Sensei Oda introduced Itosu-ryu Official Basic Kata 1 – 10 to everybody, and he also corrected Pinan kata and showed the applications to junior students. For advanced students, he introduced 4 nunchaku katas, and also taught kata: Jitte, Jiin, Jion, Kusanku-dai, Niiseishi, Wankan, Niipaipo, and Bassai-dai. Then he taught Kumite.

We had a great training session with Sensei Oda. He shared his experience and knowledge of his karate life with us. It's a great pleasure.

Instructors of Itosu-ryu karatedo Malaysia, junior students. black belt students and I would like to thank to Sensei Ayumu Oda very much for he spent his precious time. I also would like to thank to Soke Sakagami because he gave Mr. Oda a permission to conducts a seminar in Malaysia.

Sensei Arumugam Muthusamy

Chief Instructor

Itosu-ryu Karate-Do Malaysia

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