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“Kaiho Itosu” (Itosu-kai Journal) vol 65 was published

Itsou-kai Journal

Itosu-kai Journal Vol 65. (January 2019) 19 Pages.

Calligraphy "Nothing" by Late Master Ryusho Sakagami.

“Kaiho Itosu” (Itosu-kai Journal) vol 65 was published in January 2019.

It is Itosu-kai Japan’s official news magazine and it is issued three times in a year.

It has been covering many events of Itosu-kai Japan for over 20 years.

We would like to introduce some articles here a little by little.

Itosu-kai First Shihan License

Topic #1

"The first Shihan License in Itosu-kai."

The photograph is provided by Sensei Nao Miura (Shofu-kan Dojo)

The first Shihan License was bestowed upon the late Sensei Hiroyuki Miura on October 1st, 1956. At that time, the license was issued under the name of “Itosu-ha Kenpo Karatedo” instead of Itosu-ryu Karatedo. Sensei Hiroyuki Miura was the longest member of Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai, and he was the supreme advisor of IKIF.

Topic #2

"Itosu-kai Kansai Region Junior Championships."

(October 21st, 2019. Venue: Kadoma Sports Center, Osaka)

Actual number 400 competitors gathered in this tournament. The age varies from kindergarten till high school. In a part of high school students’ division, we used JKF Shitei-kai (JKF mandatory Katas), but we basically needed to do the only Itosu-ryu katas in this championship.

In the tournament, we made some rules: #1 Showing proper respect and bow to a referee and an opponent, #2 No shouting for threatening opponents, #3 No showing guts pose. Because of that, competitors showed their ability enough and we were able to see a wonderful tournament.

(Chief Referee Kazunori Ito)

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