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The 44th Shihan-kai Seminar in Osaka, Japan

The 44th Itosu-kai Shihan Seminar

The 44th Shihan-kai Seminar in Osaka, October 14, 2018

Recently, I had the honour to be invited and attend the 44th Japanese Shihan (Master) training in Osaka, Japan. Although I am not a Shihan, I was graciously allowed to participate after Sakagami Soke invited me. It was an amazing experience, truly a treasured memory for me. We trained in detail on Higaonna-ha kata, all of which are "Naha-te" or "Naha style". Soke explained the differences to Shuri-te or "Shuri-style" (e.g. Kushanku kata and our basic Pinan katas) and we learnt a lot of detail for each kata over the two days. There was so much detail to learn, that we took two days for 4 kata.

Soke encouraged us all to push ourselves to fix our bad habits, which even Shihan have. These are important life skills that research has indicated can help keep us young and healthy -

Itosu-kai Australia

He also encouraged us to remember what we learned, by writing it down, thinking about it, and most importantly, practising it. This reminded me of an old Chinese Confucian proverb - 不闻不若闻之, 闻之不若见之, 见之不若知之, 知之不若行之 - we translate this in the west as "What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand."

It was also great to meet many other teachers in Japan and together enjoy a delicious dinner and traditional Japanese onsen (hot spring bath). They all were able to tell me their memories of my late father, Colin Leong Sensei, which helps motivate me to continue to spread the memory of our teachers by teaching karate-do to as many people as we can, all over the world.

Everyone - please keep up the good work teaching and learning Itosu-ryu Karate-do in your respective countries!

Howard Leong

Chief Instructor, Itosu-kai Australia











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