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Martial Arts Seminars in Sweden

Itosu-kai Sweden Seminar

Practicing Pinan Katas

During the weekend 10-13 May, The Swedish branch of Itosu-kai organized a four-day training seminar in Martial Arts. During the seminar, we had the great honor and pleasure to have Sensei Ayumu Oda from Japan, Sensei Charles Hunter from Scotland, Sensei Anders Hagedal Uhrenfeldt from Denmark, Sensei Teis Damkjaer from Denmark and Sensei Henrik Katborg from Denmark visiting us.

Under the leadership of Sensei Ayumu Oda, two intense karate days were first conducted. It was hard work but also time for laughter, small talks and the exchange of experiences and thoughts. In the mornings, students were focusing on kihon and Pinan katas. Blows, blockings, kicks, movements, katas and different kinds of bunkai where practiced and explained. Sensesi Ayumu Oda also put a focus on the characteristics of Itosu-ryu and differences between different karate styles.

Our foreign guests supported and helped the students and Sensei Hunter gave an hour's instruction in Mabuni senseis 5 principles of blocking.

In the afternoons, there was a separate training for black belts, with a focus on Naha-te techniques such as movement across the floor, strikes and blockings. The black belt students practiced Sanchin, Tensho, Gekisai Ichi, Gekisai Ni, Seienchin and Seisan katas.

Besides the training, Sensei Ayumu Oda also gave the students insight into Itosu-ryu's history and the great legacy we have the pleasure of bringing on to future generations of karate students.

During the days, Sweden showed off its absolute best side with marvelous sunshine, warm weather and cherry blossoms – Sakura. In addition to the training, we also visited the old parts of Stockholm and two nice museums: the ABBA museum and Wasa muséet.

Getting together in this way is amazingly fun and helps to spread knowledge and link ties between countries. First of all I would like to express my gratitude to Sensei Ayumu Oda, but also to all others who in various ways contributed to making this weekend an unforgettable memory.

Göran Crafoord

Chief instructor

Itosu-Kai Sweden

With Seminar's Participants

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