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Karatedo instruction in Republic of Djibouti in Africa. ジブチ共和国空手道指導

Djibouti Itosu-kai

I, Hiroyuki Nakamura and Mr. Yoshihiro Ogami who are the instructors of Minami Soma branch of Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai, visited Republic of Djibouti to instruct karatedo from February 11th till February 14th 2018.

Republic of Djibouti is located in the Horn of Africa and it is bordered by Ethiopia, Eritria and Somalia. The relationship between Djibouti and my hometown, Minami Soma city in Fukushima, started because our town received a lot of donation from them after the damage of the great Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. This time we visited them to report about the recovery from the damage and to return the favor. They also had a strong request to bring karatedo instructors from Japan. Then, we were invited to the country this time.

Sensei Hiroyuki Nakamura Itosu-kai

For our communication, we did not need any word. “Karate” was our mutual language. Their physical ability was much higher than Japanese one but their skill must be still improved. I believe if they have a right support of karate from Japan, their level will be much much higher. Most of the students were children. I thought their basics were quite solid.

I instructed at the “Dojo Kanano” which was instructed by Mr. Kanano. I had three sessions and each class was 1 hour. The first was for 7- 8 years old. The second was for 9-10 years old, and the third group was for 11 years old and above. I also taught at Fukuzawa Middle School which was financially supported by Japanese government. I taught Pinan 2dan and also had demonstration of Katas. Finally, I taught about 300 karate-kas from youth to adults at Hassan Stadium. I found that they loved Japan and Karatedo. I taught basics and sparring.

In this opportunity, the officers of Japanese and Djibouti governments requested Itosu-kai to help 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo and many events after the games. I hope our mission will be a huge bridge between both countries.

By the way, I was surprised to see that shower in a hotel was salt water and it was cold…. but I had great experience in Republic of Djibouti and I would like to visit the country again.

Thank you

Hiroyuki Nakamura

The chief instructor of Minami Soma Branch, Ara-dojo, Fukushima Japan.

(Itosu-kai Japan)

日本空手道糸洲会荒道場南相馬支部 in ジブチ共和国





私が指導したのはKANANOさんが指導するKANANO道場で1時間を3回、7〜8才と9〜10才と11才から上の3グループ。 日本が支援しているフクザワ学校の中学2年生に2時間、形の演武とピンアン二段の指導。 ハッサンスタジアムでは300人を超える大人から子供までの空手愛好家に2時間。 追い突きや払い受けの基本的動作。 ミットを使っての撃ち込みのやり方などを指導してきました。

日本とジブチの政府担当者からは今回の交流を機に東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピックとそれ以降も糸洲会へ協力の要請をしたいと言葉をいただいています。 これからの両国に明るい話題になる事を願います。

シャワーが塩水でお湯が出ないなど色々ありましたが、とても良い経験になりました。 また行く事になる事を期待しております。

日本空手道糸洲会荒道場南相馬支部 中村博之


日程 2018年2月11日 日本大使館 JICAジブチ支所

2月12日 ジブチスポーツ省 ジブチ陸上連盟 ジブチ外務省 ジブチオリンピック評議員会 KANANO道場(松濤館流)

2月13日 FUKUZAWA中学校 農水省 KANANO道場グローバルプログラム(ハッサンスタジアム)

2月14日 農水


Karate Instruction in Republic of Djibouti (TV News)

Karate Instruction in Republic of Djibouti 1

Karate Instruction in Republic of Djibouti 2

Karate Instruction in Republic of Djibouti 3

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