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Summer Break was Over in Sweden Itosu-kai

Practicing outside in Sweden

On August 22, after the summer break, it was time to start training. I think we all longed to see our karate friends and to practice together again. This first training focused on kihon, to get our bodies back on track. After practicing kicks, punches and blocks we did all the kihon katas. We finished the training by doing some kumite exercises focusing on feet movement.

In these sad Corona times, we follow the Swedish Ministry of Health's directives, and do our best to train in a safe way. This means that all of the training with larger groups takes place outdoor on the football field outside our dojo. But we also need to practice on tatamis and floor. Therefore all students will be able to practice one session a week indoors, in a small group.

For the moment the weather conditions are ok for outdoor training but later on, in November, it will be chilly, windy and rain showers. But as the say “When the going gets tough, the tough ones get going”

For the time being, we will avoid traditional sparring and bunkai exercises, but we hope can get back to them a little later.

Hope to see you soon in real life.

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