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Itosu-kai Sri Lanka came back to practice!

Dear all. Itosu-kai Sri Lanka is pleased to inform you that we have been given permission to conduct private karate classes by the Sri Lanka ministry of health and the Sri Lanka Karatedo Federation, National Body for Karatedo in Sri Lanka (under the Ministry of Sports)

Therefore we will be resuming training as of July 2020. Permissions for carrying out Classes in the Schools is currently not granted. In order to ensure that we comply with the guidelines given by the ministry and relevant authorities we have created the attached video as an illustration of how we wish to conduct our classes.

This video is created at the Itosukai Headquarters in Sri Lanka. Due to COVID 19 all of us have unfortunately been restricted in improving our training, however I believe as Martial artists we should positively move forward and do the best we can under the circumstances. Looking forward to seeing you and all our friends and colleagues very soon. Sincerely


Chief Instructor & Representative

Japan Karatedo Itosukai Sri Lanka Branch.

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