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Itosu-kai Switzerland, Covid - 19 Training session

Practice in Switzerland in Pandemic

As the world was suffering from the Covid - 19, so did our regular training session. We had not enough time to coordinate and think through it. At first our Sensei V. Gowridhasan made a video, which was kind of a guide for the upcoming online classes with a lot of information and instructions.

Basically we already had separate whatsapp group chats for 7 dojos to share news and to spread immediate changes as quick as possible. So we used the same chats to pass the urgent changes and updates.

Our karateka's did their training at home and sent videos to our Sensei to correct and to have a check on the katas and basics they were training. Sensei sent once a week a video, where he did inform the parents and students about new updates and next move as well as motivating us to get through the Covid - 19 too.

Since 11th of May 2020 the sports ministry of Switzerland has allowed to train back again in dojos. The conditions were really strict. We had to create a concept which should be based on the conditions given by Swiss Karate Federations.

Here are some of them....

· the trainer has to wear mask

· max. 4 Karate ka in a group

· the dojo has to be marked with 2m of social distance

· no physical contact

· Sanitizer is a must

and these kind of rules have their pro's as well as some difficulties. As already mentioned 4 students are maximum capable and in some dojos we had like more than 40 karateka's, which means we had to take more time than usual (+2 - 3 hours). We are trying to make the best out of this situation. We would like to thank all the karateka's and their parents for the support during the hard time.

Sabdheshnaa Gowridhasan


Japan Karate Do Itosukai - Switzerland

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