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When karate meets education...

Sempai Mautisa Maharajah trains karate in Japan Karate Do Itosu Kai Switzerland since she was 5 years old. She’s now 19 Years old and a Sho-Dan rank holder. At the moment she is also the assistant secretary of JKI Switzerland branch. She did a graduation thesis about karate and scores 5.5 out of 6 points.

She chose to create her own kata. The kata was name "Ten - To - Ji which means "sky and earth“. The kata was presented practically and the theory was written by herself. Mautisa also created the bunkai of her kata. Her sisters Sempai Mithusa and Sempai Vithusa participated in the kata and the bunkai video.

We would like to thank Sensei Shwabdhesh Gowridhasan for filming the video and helping her with the technical part.

We are very proud of Mautisa’s achievement and wishing her to reach heights in karate as well as in her life.

JKI Switzerland

Sabdheshnaa Gowridhasan

Secretary of Japan Karate Do Itosu-Kai - Switzerland

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