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Physics Olympiad

The Physics Olympiad is a competition for motivated and interested high school students. There were over 600 students, which competed in this competition with several rounds. These rounds contain trainings in the field of theoretical physics and experiment physics and at the end of each round there is a long exam to find to most talented and best student. In the final round the remaining 25 students compete and the best students get the opportunity to go to the European Physics Olympiad (EuPho)or even to the International Physics Olympiad (IPho).

After Sempai Piranavan Subaharan won a silver medal in the final round, he got the chance to be in the IPho te

am. In July they will compete in an international competition in Denmark. Over the period

of ten days the best students from all around the world will show their strength and talented in the exams and to win a medal again. But they will also have time to explore the new country and meet new people, there will be also presentations on current research in the field of physics. This allows the students to get a glims, what they will encounter in university. It will also help them to get into a good university, because they are looking for interessed and motivated students. All in all this is a great opportunity to encourage young students and give them the chance to show their skills.

Sempai S.Piranavan started his Karate career with Itosu ryu on his 6 years old. Now his level is Shodan. He participated many National and International Championships and won many medals. He is also responsible for Schaffhausen Dojo Trainings. He is preparing to participate "Itosu ryu International Championship 2022" in Denmark.

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