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  • Tejs Damkjær

Denmark at the U21 European Championships in Finland 20.-22.august 2021

All 3 Danish dojos were represented at this continental championship in Finland. From Honbu Bosatsu dojo, sensei Michael Andersen was assistant kumite coach along with his student Jimmy Jodeili. Jimmy fought with great spirit in male kumite U21 -60 kg and ended nr.7 after 4 matches.

From Kaizen dojo, competed Daniel Bruun Pedersen in male kumite junior +76 kg. He was very confident on the tatami and after 2 great victories, his competition ended after reaching the quarterfinals.

Tejs Damkjær was kata coach and 3 of his students competed in kata. Despite their best effort, they didn’t make it through to second round: Josephine Christiansen in female kata U21, Mads Schwartz in male kata junior and Silas Thomsen in male kata cadet.

Itosu-kai Denmark

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