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A memorable and learning karate lesson at the Itosu-Kai Head Quarter in Japan

Itosu-kai Headquarters

Swedish family visited Itosu-kai Headquarters

We spent a fantastic Easter vacation in Japan, exploring Tokyo, the beach and sea-life in Okinawa (Tokashiki island) and the beautiful shrines and old part of Kyoto.

Also, thanks to the close cooperation between the Itosu-Kai Head Quarter in Japan and Itosu-Kai Sweden, our whole family got the opportunity to enjoy a private lesson in Japan, the 15th of April 2019. This was the highlight of the entire trip, and will be a memory for life for all of us.

With Japan’s good train system and google maps it was very easy to travel to the Dojo, in Yokohama, south of Tokyo.

Our visit started by a warm welcome by Soke Sakagami. After introducing ourselves we were invited to the main room of the dojo, perfectly polished and beautiful. An assistant instructor led the family lesson from start creating a very open, friendly and learning environment, all in fluent English. The lesson covered the techniques relevant for us as beginners with many practical advices, and a summary of the Itosu-ryu history. For example, we learnt how to practice with deeper positions, straighter backs, how to sit properly when resting, and how to improve our ways of doing Kihon Kata Ichi (Basic Kata #1).

We enjoyed this experience very much, the excellent lesson and we learned a lot. Thanks for your generosity and professionalism. Thank you Soke Sakagami and Göran Sensei for giving us this unique experience.

Arigato gozaimashita.

Best regards,

Kenneth, Charlotte, Gustaf (12 years), Carl (10 years) Wallstedt Fjelkner

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