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11 years old boy traveled to Japan to practice at Itosu-kai Headquarters!

Wilhelm Ankarcrona, 5 kyu, from Itosu-Kai Sweden practices with Soke Sakagami

Wilhelm Ankarcrona, 5 kyu, from Itosu-Kai Sweden, 11 years old, traveled to Japan for two weeks in April with his family. It was a most memorable trip for the young man; from the megapolis of Tokyo to the serene cherry blossom in the shrines of Kyoto. One absolute high-light was the opportunity to train at Itosu-ryu under Soke Sakagami. Wilhelm’s father and grandfather (!) accompanied him to the dojo and we were all greeted with the utmost hospitality. Wilhelm brought both fond memories and new skills with him from the dojo. We express our heartfelt thanks to Soke and Göran Sensei for making this possible.

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