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Itosu-kai Ireland (IKKI) attend the O.N.A.K.A.I National Junior Kata Championships 2018

Attending the ONAKAI National Junior Kata Championships in the Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe:

Rear, L->R: Josh Judge, Nathan Donelan, April Curran, Shane Hyland, Sean Power, Leona Donelan, Faye Mulvany & Evan Donelan. Middle row: Niamh Costello, Caoimhe Naughton, Siofra Naughton, Mia Shanley, Laura Costello, Sean Keighery, Conor Naughton, Philip Costello, Sarah O'Quigley & Ava Shanley. Frony: Niall Costello, Claire Harte, Leo Mulvany, Tony Dolphin, Marie Dolphin & John Dolphin.

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