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2019 Winter Beach Training

Itosu-kai Winter Beach Training 2019

2019 Itosu-kai Winter Beach Training

On January 6th, 2019, the 58th annual “Winter Beach Training” was held at Enoshima Beach, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

The members of Kanto district of Itosu-kai Japan gathered in the beach and they had the first practice in 2019 together.

The first beach training was held in 1961. According to Soke Sakagami, he is the only one in Itosu-kai, who has participated in this event for 58 years.

On the day, the sky was cloudy and the temperature was 6 degree. It was a little too cold to practice outside, but about 200 people from kids till adults ran on the beach and practiced Kihon, Pinan katas and Yakusoku Kumite all together. The highlight of this training was getting into water. All men got half naked (women wore T shirt) and got into water with punching.

Since this kind of training will strengthen our mind and body, we would like to cherish it as our tradition forever.

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