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An Australian Boy Practiced at Fukushima Branch in Japan!

Benjamin from Australia practices with Sensei Nakamura in Fukushima branch

On January 4th, 2019, a seven years old boy, Benjamin, visited Fukushima branch in Itosu-kai Japan from Australia. The reason he came over to our dojo is that I met the chief instructor of Australia, Sensei Howard, in Kobudo seminar in last October in Japan and we became very close friends, and he asked me if the boy could train at our dojo or not. Of course I accepted his offer right away.

Although it was still a new year’s holiday, my sensei, Shihan Ara, opened his private dojo and allow us to practice. I really appreciate it. Under the instruction of Shihan Ara, Sensei Ogami and I, our dojo’s members enjoyed practicing with Benjamin. I really hope he learned something in Japan and take it back to Australia.

Hiroyuki Nakamura

Fukushima branch, Itosu-kai Japan

Happy New Year to all Itosu-Kai! One of our young Japanese students from Australia, Benjamin Kashimura Daza, was able to participate in karate-do training in Fukushima with Ara-shihan and Nakamura-sensei. The opportunity for our students to train anywhere in the world with Itosu-Kai is certainly a result from the great strength of the Itosu-Kai club and is what makes Itosu-Kai such a great karate-do club.

I'm sure that Ben enjoyed the opportunity to train and I hope it has motivated him to train more in the future too.

Thank you again to Ara-sensei and Nakamura sensei for allowing our student to train together and for letting him experience Japanese training.

Howard Leong

Itosu-kai Australia


 2019年1月4日、糸洲会福島荒道場本部にオーストラリア支部のベンジャミン君が訪れた。 きっかけは昨年10月、糸洲会総本部道場で開催された古武道セミナーにおいて共に汗を流したハワード先生からの連絡により、今回の稽古受け入れが実現しました。 新年を迎え、慌ただしい中、指導を快諾してくださった荒先生に大変感謝しております。誠にありがとうございます。

 荒先生、尾上指導員、そして私の指導の元、ベンジャミン君は南相馬支部の子供たちと糸洲流空手道を通じた国際交流し、互いに切磋琢磨いたしました。 日本滞在中に糸洲会福島荒道場各支部で稽古を積み、成長してオーストラリアで待つハワード先生の元に戻れることを望んでおります。

日本空手道糸洲会荒道場南相馬支部 中村



 我々の生徒たちが世界中の糸洲会の支部で稽古出来るという事は、糸洲会の長所であります。 ベンジャミン君は日本での稽古を楽しんだ事と思います。またこれを切っ掛けに更に稽古に励んで頂きたいと思います。




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