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Greetings from sunny Denmark!

Practice in Itosu-kai Denmark summer time

Mokuso at a dojo in Itosu-kai Denmark

Greetings from sunny Denmark! This year has been a record breaking summer here in Denmark with regard to sunny days and high temperatures up to and above 30 degrees celcius.

We are now all getting back into the wheels of daily activity and starting the season of autumn 2018 in the three Danish Dojos. In the weeks just before the summer holidays started, we held our bi-annual belt testing and wanted to share a few facts with you:

In total we had just a few shy of 250 students test for new belts; of this 138 were for kyu grades, around 100 for special children grades and 3 students for 1st Dan grades and even one for 4th Dan.

Practice at a dojo in Itosu-kai Denmark in summer time

Sempai Mia Carlsen of the Danish Itosu-Kai Dragoer Dojo is now 4th Dan and we managed to catch just one of her spectacular techniques on film and want to share this with you too – click on the link:

We are working towards the Itosu-Kai International Championships in 2021 and more specific information will hit inboxes and web pages this autumn.

And do not forget, you have the chance to get familiar with the Championship venue, as the Kolding Dojo is hosting the 7th Kaizen Danish Open on 27th-28th October in Kolding. Sign up through Sportdata here

Med venlig hilsen

Merete Katborg

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