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Itosu-kai Denmark got 10 GOLD, 12 SILVER, 23 BRONZE in National Championships!

Itosu-kai Danish Female Team Kata Champion

Danish Female Team Kata Champion

Looking back at last weekend – and what a weekend it was for Danish Itosu-Kai. At the Danish Nationals 2018 in Holstebro all three clubs were present and making their distinct mark on the tournament. Now, this is the largest Nordic tournament counting 865 starts by 582 athletes participating from 39 clubs. There is a total of 93 different categories and the tournament runs over 3 days.

Friday is Kata-day for Junior, Cadet and Seniors and as always this day was dominated by our very own Itosu-Kai Dragør led by the National Team Coach, sensei Tejs Damkjær.

Saturday is Kumite for the same group, Junior, Kadet and Seniors and again a day, with Itosu-Kai athletes on the tatamis and podium, although in tough competition from large clubs exclusively focusing on sport kumite.

On Sunday all children under 14 years are performing Kata and Kumite and all three clubs have a large number of young ones coming up and we won medals!

So, the end result – with 84 starts registered by 50 athletes + 8 kata teams was:


Itosu-kai Denmark won 10 Golds!

After the finals, 2 Trophees are awarded, of which the Kai Lundager Trophee is the most prestigious, as it is given to the Senior competitor competing and winning in both Kata and Kumite categories – and for the ump-tens time, this one went to our Frederikke Bjerring of Itosu-Kai Dragør. and the ones, that want to dig more into details, look here:

Frederikke Bjerring – it is the 4th consecutive time she took the trophee home

Important to mention, in relation to the Danish Nationals, is also, that Danish Itosu-Kai is highly involved and supporting the tournament, with top WKF referee Henrik Katborg of Kaizen and a number of officials by the tables and behind the scenes, without whom, this would never be possible.

Itosu-kai Denmark won 10 Golds!

At the end of the day, Saturday we have an informal gathering, where the Federation and the largest commissions are honoring individuals and clubs – also by nomination from the peer clubs and fighters. This year we could also honor the very first WKF World Champion ever from Denmark – not an Itosu-Kai athlete but we have that on our agenda.

Again Itosu-Kai was on the podium – and not just ONCE – with Sensei Michael Andersen being honored for his large contribution with the National Team as a very popular and sought coach, and for just being the man he is

but TWICE, because Itosu-Kai Bosatsu, our Danish Honbu Dojo, this year won the prestigious award as Club of the year, being recognized as a traditional club embracing traditional as well as sport karate, supporting inclusion and openness throughout the karate scene in Denmark and abroad. One of the mentionings was a new idea called “Gal’s Kumite” – open Kumite training just for female athletes from all clubs, led by alternating female instructors and another one argument: the fact that you never go in vain to Bosatsu Senseis asking for guest training by one of them.

Itosu-kai Denmark won 10 Golds!

Honbu Dojo Bosatsu is taking over this price from the youngest Itosu-Kai club in Denmark, Kaizen who won the price in 2017.

How is this all possible you may ask – are they giving medals and trophies away up there in Denmark. I can assure you, this is NOT the case, and there is a fierce competition for these. Fact is, that we now proudly start to see the potential of a united Itosu-Kai Denmark where we work alongside each other towards common goals. This is all coming together after a rather turbulent time, where we are now back to focusing on the real (hard) work and supporting each other in our quest for development.

Itosu-kai Denmark won 10 Golds!

We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2021 and remember Sensei Michael favorite quote: Hard work beats Talent – when talent does not work hard! Want more pictures from Danish Nationals or even live action:




Live Action Danish Nationals 2018 is organised by Dansk Karate Forbund, which is the WKF and IOC approved federation for Denmark and also one of the fastest growing national federations under the Danish National Sport Federation. The Federation counts more than 100 clubs throughout Denmark and will be hosting the WKF U21 European Championships in 2019.

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