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Season's Greetings from Itosu-Ryu Denmark

With this nice photo from the host town of the World Championships 2021, where the snow is now falling Itosu-Ryu Denmark wants to say Thank You to all our fellow Itosu-Ryu karate ka around the World for a great 2017.

We met many of you in Shanghai for the World Championships and we had a blast at the farewell party. Others we have met travelling to Japan or other countries to participate in events or just for training. And we look very much forward to greeting you all here in Denmark in 2021!

Maybe in numbers we are not the largest style in the world, but our more than 500 members in Denmark are surely a part of the greatest style and the best karate family. Have a great 2018!

Take care and be safe

Sensei Michael and the Danes

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