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The 25th Anniversary of Itosu-kai South Africa

Itosu-ryu South Africa

This year was a celebratory year for our karate organization, 25years.

The past 25years can be looked at as being very interactive and challenging for our Karate Organization.

South Africa Itosu-Ryu has become a stamped organization amongst other notable Karate organizations in South Africa.

Meeting Soke in Demark in 2004 created the alliance to persevere with the traditional values and style of Itosu-Ryu.

Itosu-ryu South Africa

What was really positive about our affiliation in the first instance was the fact that Soke is an incredibly Humble and Knowledgeable Martial Artists who has dedicated his life towards the propagation and preservation of Itosu-Ryu in the World.

Since creating our affiliation, we have attended almost every World Championships of IKIF held thus far and although we battled to finance ourselves it was important for us to attend as we were meeting our family of Karate. This event gives us this opportunity.

Itosu-ryu South Africa

In South Africa we have approximately 140 students. When we started teaching 25years ago it was in the poor communities that was infested with crime, so I used karate as a medium to get children off the streets and keep their minds occupied through karate and its events. We have never been profit driven and kept a very low fee of $3 ( yes three dollars ), it is what our fee is today. However we have managed to maintain a professional organization and we do believe our standard is fairly good. This can be seen from the many tournaments that our students have excelled in both Nationally and Internationally.

It must be said that although we cannot afford equipment etc, like a tatami, we train on bare ground we still aim to advance and progress. Hoping that soon we shall have our students training in a professional dojo with a quality Tatami. We remain grateful to my good friends who has assisted us from time to time.

Itosu-ryu South Africa

2017, has been a busy year for us, preparing for China, we managed to have a participation of 7 students and a delegation of 28 people attend. It was also our Silver Anniversary and we must accord Thanks to Soke for the wonderful msg he has given to us.

We also held our annual “ Sakagami Tournament “ recently and it is great to see the enthusiasm and spirit from our young karatekas.

On the 1st December 2017, 46 kyu grade students attempted their grading and where all successful displaying good traditional katas and techniques. Over the last 2 months I adopted a few students (7) who showed keen interest in Kobudo and started teaching Nunchaku, they learnt quite fast and we used this as a demonstration at the grading to hopefully welcome more students to join these sessions.

Our affiliate in another area called Chatsworth under Sensei Devan Pillay held his annual grading on the 2nd of December 2017, with 86 students, The grading was successful.

What is really great is that students’ parents have created a working committee and are taking care of admiration and logistics of our karate events. I am also happy to inform that Parents have also joined the dojo and some are advancing well.

We have held a workshop on Theory to practical on Karate

Annual Gushku with students


We want to take this opportunity to wish Soke, Senior Instructors, Directors, Karatekas of the Itosu–Ryu Family a happy festive season and a prosperous 2018.

A special thanks must go to Ayumu Sensei, through your intervention in creating such a dynamic website and the continuous information we all feel closer than before, it gives us the opportunity to share our contributions in Itosu–Ryu.

Friendly regards Mervyn Reddy

Chief Instructor South Africa

Itosu-ryu South Africa

Itosu-ryu South Africa

Itosu-ryu South Africa

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