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Itosu-kai Philippines Concluded a Good Game in Budo Matsuri Cup

Itosu-kai Philippines

Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai- Philippines , has clinched two gold, two silver and five bronze medals during Budo Matsuri Cup 2nd PKL National Age group Karate Championship last November 17-18, 2017 at World Trade Center- Manila.

This successful competition is composed of almost 100 entries of different Karate club in the Philippines. Senior JKI competitors showcased Seinchin, Bassai Dai, Gojushiho, Shiho kusanku and Unshu while the Juniors gave their best in performing Pinan Nidan, Pinan Sandan, Pinan Yondan and Pinan Godan. The junior players, though most of them are first time competitors, showed their Karate spirit and burning desire to show a great fight.

Itosu-kai Philippines

This successful tournament performance of the players reflected from 3 weeks intensive training program of Kihon kata and Kumite Karate basic and advance techniques spearheaded by Sensei Rheinan Manzo, Chief instructor of JKI Philippines.

The team also invited Shihan Danny Sanquaquin. a 7th dan degree holder of International Judo Federation and master instructor of Judo in the Philippines. The program was intended to incorporate Judo techniques such as sweeping, throwing and proper falling techniques in karate Kumite under WKF and traditional rules.

Picture from Left to right winners and competitor of the event, 1st row (from L to R):

Terrence Mones, Eithan Manuel Adonay, Raphael Lazaro (silver –Kata), John Matthew Garcia (Bronze- Kumite), Rhean Andaya (Bronze- Kata), Jazmine Eloise Lapu-os and Arvin John Grecia.

2nd row (from L to R): Mark Daniel Rabanal, Drake Matthew Lorejo, Aron Neil Sangcap (Bronze– kata and Gold - Kumite), Sensei Rheinan Manzo, Marched Lloyd Obejas (Gold - Kata and Bronze – kumite), Airah Patrina Sangcap (Silver - Kata), Alched Obejas (Bronze Kata) and Argel Feliciti Cruz

Itosu-kai Philippines

Rheinan Manzo Chief Instructor

Itosu-kai Philippines

Itosu-kai Philippines

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