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An Interview with the Gold Medalist (Malaysia): A Report about 2017 Itosu-ryu International Champion


My name is Vanitha d/o Nanthakumar . I'm a Karate athlete from Itosu-ryu Karatedo Malaysia. my country is Malaysia. I'm 2 years National Champion, gold medalist Category above 59kg . I really like to thank both my Instructors Sensei Aruu & Amirthaa.

I was practicing for 9 month before this international Championship. I had problems in time management and didn't have enough time to study. I sacrificed my studies to achieve my target in this international Championship. I started working hard to achieve this game and both my Instructors helped me a lot in many ways such as teaching me techniques, arranging extra classes and spent their precious time for me and my friends. I got a chance to participate in 2017 ITOSU-RYU KARATEDO INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS which was held in Shanghai, China, on 17th to 20th august 2017.

On that particular time, My School national trial exams was about to start so I declined the opportunity. But thanks to God, my national trial School exams was delayed from August to September. My Instructors helped me financial to travel Shanghai, China. As the saying goes to 'HARDWORK NEVER FAILS,' I won a Gold medal of the Category Kumite 16-17 Years in 2017 Itosu-ryu Karatedo International Championships Shanghai, China.

I'm fully satisfied as my hard work and confidence was keep encouraging me every second not only mine. My both coaches hard work too. If they weren't there to coach me I would have not achieve this much. I really need to thank them for being supportive and I'm extremely happy to say that I made my Instructors, parents and my country too.




Itosuryu Karatedo Malaysia Association.

Firstly I would like to thank to organizers of itosu-ryu karatedo international federation (IKIF) and host country, Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai Chinese Headquarter, for inviting Malaysian Itosu-ryu Karate team to take part in 2017 Itosu-ryu Karatedo International Championships was held in China Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In my country there are main months where all over school students on going examinations month which is on August. I tried to ask approval for a period of time as holiday. To the minister of education Malaysia successfully, the respected Minister Of Education has approved our request.

From Malaysia there were 3 coaches include me and 13 athletes took part in this championships. As a responsible instructor, I helped my student to improve themselves more in many ways. I thought them techniques, arranged extra classes and spent most of time to train them. For this we trains for 9th month before the championships .

We stayed in Shanghai, China for 5 days. We had a new experience there such as new atmosphere, meeting and greeting new people and many more. Shanghai China was a beautiful and admiring country. The only unsatisfaction was their language. It was really hard to manage there without knowing their mother tongue but thanks to God, we survived there for that 5 days without any problem. The international championships host country prepared satisfying facilities for all the participants. They were so kind and lovely to us.

In the championships my students tried their level best and fought very well. Moreover, we won 1 Gold 4 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. That was a challenging championships for us.

Lastly, I glad to say for the next championships 2021 going to be held in Denmark. I will try to set my team and hope we will at there in 2021 Itosu-ryu international championships at Denmark....

Best Regards .

Sensei Arumugam Muthusamy

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