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2017 Itosu-ryu International Karatedo Championships were held in Shanghai, China!

Soke Sakagami and Sensei R.J.Alexander (Sri Lanka)

Soke Sakagami and Sensei R.J.Alexander (Sri Lanka)

It gives me great pleasure to write about the 2017 Itosu-ryu Karatedo International Championship held at Shanghai, China.

As the chief referee for this tournament I was pleased to be working with highly qualified referees and judges from all over the world.

It was very refreshing to see new young talented and also veterans taking part in this prestigious event.

Using previous tournament as a benchmark, I observed our Itosu-ryu Karatekas uplifting the art of Itosu-ryu Karatedo & keeping high standard of Budo/Sport.

I hope our Itosu-ryu Karatekas continue on this path, and I am honoured to be part of this event.

A great thanks to 4th generation grand Master Soke Sadaaki Sakagmi and the members of the IKIF for giving this valuable opportunity.

R.J.Alexander (Sri Lanka)

Chief referee

IKIF Championship 2017-China

Female Winners at the championship

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