Itosu-kai Philippines Clinched Several Medals on Three Invitational Tournaments

Itosu-kai Philippines in Luzon Open

Japan Karatedo Itosu-kai Philippines headed by Sensei Rheinan Manzo, bagged multiple awards that brings honor to the team.

During the 2019 Luzon Open Karatedo Championships last August 11, 2019 at LLC Gymnasium Calamba, Laguna. The team was able to bring home six (6) gold, eight (8) silver, and ten (10) bronze medals.

Afar from that, last August 25, 2019 two of the best players from the team competed at Technological University of the Philippines - Manila and gathered two (2) silver medals.

They also joined the Sato Cup Invitational Tournament last September 22, 2019 at Malabon City Hall, JKI rocked the house down getting five (5) gold and three (3) silver medals.

Despite of continuously growing and reigning of the team, JKI Philippines will continue to develop more aspiring talented individuals to bring greatness in the field of Karatedo.

Rheinan Manzo

Chief Instructor of Itosu-kai Philippines

Itosu-kai Philippines in Championships

Itosu-kai Philippines in Championships

Itosu-kai Philippines in Championships



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